Housekeepers Wanted In Canada: Job Openings Available – Apply Now!

Are you looking for housekeeping jobs in Canada? Then this is the right place to secure a housekeeping job. Companies and business sectors have several opportunities for individuals seeking housekeeping jobs. The expansion of the economy and the substitute demand have made housekeepers wanted in Canada. There are several job openings available in Canada in 2024, and housekeeping is one of those relevant jobs in demand. Apart from companies and business sectors that require the services of housekeepers, residential homes in Canada also require these services.


Housekeepers Wanted

The increase in the economy has made housekeepers wanted in Canada. A housekeeping job is a well-reserved and respected job in Canada.

Most business sectors such as hotels, motels, guest houses, private sectors, and hospitals often require the services of housekeepers. The housekeeping role is a demanding role and also rewarding, housekeepers in Canada are respected and usually offered good compensation for their services and may also receive other benefits. Most of these housekeeping jobs are available for both Canadian residents and foreigners. The present economy in Canada has created a drift for housekeepers.


Housekeeping Jobs In Canada

Housekeeping jobs in Canada are highly in demand. Most organizations and businesses in Canada are searching for individuals who are talented in housekeeping services. These available housekeeping jobs in Canada offer good compensation and other benefits to support the respective housekeepers.

Most of these housekeeping jobs are under the strict supervision of an agency which implies that individuals will be working under these agencies for a particular period.  However, there are other housekeeping jobs that are requested directly from the company or firm. The fast-growing economy in Canada and the replacement demand have made housekeepers wanted in Canada.


Benefits Of Housekeeping Jobs In Canada

There are some benefits of working as a housekeeper in Canada. Some of these advantages of housekeeping include the following.


  1. Network: Working as a housekeeper can create networking opportunities. Some job role prevents the opportunity of networking, working as a housekeeper in top organizations can create a pleasant relationship with the clients and also with associate housekeepers.


  1. Flexible Work Hours: The housekeeping jobs have flexible work hours which can enable individuals to do other casual jobs or create time for other activities.


  1. Competitive Salary: Most firms and companies in Canada respect the services of house keepers thereby offering competitive salaries. Housekeeping jobs in Canada receive good compensation for their service and also create opportunities for career advancement.


  1. Security: Housekeepers are often in high demand in Canada due to the expansion of the economy, the stability of this job has created job security for most individuals.


  1. Suitable Environment: Most of these housekeeping jobs have a suitable working environment that is conducive for individuals. Working as a housekeeper in Canada is not only rewarding but also conducive.


Duties Of Housekeeping Jobs In Canada

Housekeeping jobs might be demanding for those who don’t have prior experience. Here are some of the duties of housekeeping jobs in Canada.


  1. Sweeping of the floors and the use of machines for removing dirt from the floor.
  2. Cleaning of windows, doors, and shelves with cleaning agents.
  3. Dusting of furniture which may include chairs, tables, appliances, etc.
  4. Washing of toilets and bathrooms and the removal of any stains with cleaning agents.
  5. Mopping of the floors with cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  6. Changing of the bedspread and layering bedspreads and duvets.
  7. Washing glassware and cleaning glassware with cleaning agents.
  8. Collecting trash from trash cans and disposal of the trash.
  9. Replacing dirty towels with clean ones.
  10. Changing of toiletries daily in a hotel room.
  11. Washing of sinks with the use of disinfectants.
  12. Keeping the surroundings clean and neat at all times.
  13. Assisting in carrying out laundering.
  14. Standing, walking, and lifting objects in the working space.


Job Openings

Here is a list of job openings for housekeeping jobs in Canada.


Company: Edmonton AB Canada

Job Schedule: Full Time

Job Title: Housekeeping Attendant

Job Type: Permanent



A hotel requires exceptional housekeeping services. Are you a skilled or talented housekeeper with excellent communication and extremely detail-oriented, why not join our team to contribute your expertise to our company? The housekeeping room attendant will be in charge of keeping the guest room clean and ensuring our guests are comfortable in their space.



Briefingthe housekeeping supervisor of your job functions which include


  • Cleaning of all rooms that are assigned to guests.
  • Be responsible for guests’ belongings and property.
  • Adhere to the hotel policy and property policies.
  • Clean and change all bed linens.
  • Be responsible for providing excellent services to all guests.
  • Adhere to all safety measures.
  • Follow all sanitation policies.
  • Detail-oriented and follow instructions as directed.


Physical Aspects of the Position


  • Physically fit to handle various tasks which may include kneeling, bending, and lifting heavy objects.
  • Be able to stand and work for long hours.
  • Being able to handle tasks independently.




  • Exceptional time management skills.
  • Exceptional organization skills
  • Prior experience in a fast-paced environment.
  • Prior experience as a housekeeper.
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • A welcoming and caring personality.
  • Ability to multitask and meet guest needs.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Detail-oriented and reliable.



Additional Information


  • Competitive benefits packages such as medical, dental & vision, and other additional health benefits.
  • A well-defined pension plan with up to 5% annually.
  • A travel program for employees that will cover full expenses.
  • An extensive wellness package for all employees.
  • An opportunity for career advancement.
  • Ability to create an impact on the organization.
  • A comprehensive learning program to enlighten employees.



Apply Now


Company: Sun Communities & Sun Outdoors Sherkston, Ontario

Job Title: Resort Housekeeper

Job Type: Part Time

Salary: $16 – $17 per hour


Job Description

Our company is seeking exceptional housekeepers who love to clean,  to work with us at our resort located in Canada. You will ensure to keep the resort clean and tidy at all times. Make sure the resort is pleasing to our guests and welcoming at all times.



The resort housekeepers are reliable for keeping the resort clean and ensuring facilities and services remain appealing and neat at all times.




  • Clean and sweep the floors and ensure to sanitize all furniture.
  • Keeping equipment and devices very clean and sanitized
  • Keep bathrooms clean by washing and using disinfectant.
  • Follow all safety rules and regulations.
  • Clean windows, chairs, tables, and chairs with cleaning agents.
  • Report all life-threatening hazards to supervisors or managers.
  • Clean all kitchen utensils and sanitize them as well.
  • Mop floors with cleaning agents.
  • Clean all offices and sanitize them as well.
  • Collect and empty trash daily.
  • Ensure the resort is clean and attractive at all times.
  • Be ready to take on other duties designated.



  • Hardworking and reliable.
  • Focused and possess organization skills.
  • Must be detail-oriented with excellent customer service.
  • Ability to manage time.
  • Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Possess high school or secondary school certificate.
  • Previous experience in a related field.
  • Demonstrate vast knowledge of safety measures and janitorial work.
  • Good communication skills and computer knowledge.
  • Be physically fit to handle various tasks which may include lifting heavy items of 25 pounds.




  • Competitive compensation benefits daily.
  • Free online access to navigate through your personal information.
  • Opportunities to participate in the company’s reward program.
  • Opportunities for career advancement.
  • Other benefits may include purchasing items at a discounted rate.
  • Be part of a team where you can be transformed and inspired and also be rewarded.
  • Create opportunities for collaboration and learning.


Apply Now


How To Apply For Housekeeping Jobs In Canada

The rising economy and expansion have made housekeepers wanted in Canada by companies and businesses. Individuals aspiring to work as housekeepers in Canada should follow these steps to secure a job.


  1. Visit Job Site: The Canadian government, companies, and businesses are in high demand for housekeepers. Individuals looking for housekeeping jobs should visit official Canadian websites to search for housekeeping jobs, there are also some job boards in Canada where you can get housekeeping jobs.


  1. Start Application: You may need to create an account in the application process and review all requirements before applying for the job, you may also need to submit some documents such as a CV and cover letter.


  1. Await Further Instructions: After completing the application, it is important to stay alert to avoid missing out on important information, and always refresh your emails to get new emails. Successful applicants are often invited for interviews.


  1. Prepare For Interview: This is the most important part of securing a housekeeping job in Canada, be ready to showcase your housekeeping skills through proper communication with the interviewer and ask important questions to indicate your knowledge as a housekeeper.


Jobs In Canada

There are several jobs in Canada, Canada has a large land mass with lots of industries and companies seeking the service of skilled workers to help with their daily activities. Most of the available jobs in Canada do not require a lot of experience to be qualified. Individuals with basic knowledge can take up these job roles and perform exceptionally well. Interested applicants should apply for the above-listed Canada jobs to secure a housekeeping job in Canada. some other available jobs in Canada include. Warehouse jobs, customer service jobs, Cleaning jobs, Sales assistant jobs, Sales Representative jobs, Driver jobs, Cashier Jobs, Customer Success Jobs, Customer support jobs, Caregiving jobs, Restaurant jobs, etc.


Canada Jobs Openings

Some of the Canadian job openings include the following


Data Entry Clerk (Remote)

Seek Smart

Edmonton AB


Data Entry Representative (Remote)

Alison Philips

Toronto, ON


Customer Service (Par-time)

The Home Depot Canada

Calgary, AB (on site)



Walmart Canada

Calgary, AB (on site)


Packaging Associate


Lyn, ON (on-site)


Entering Level Freelance Blogger

BN Marketing Solution

Toronto, ON (remote)



Loblaw Companies Limited

Elmsdale, NS (on site)


Customer Service Retail Associate (part-time)

The Home Depot Canada

Calgary, AB (on site)


Warehouse Cleaner

Arrow Workforce Solutions

Scarborough, ON (on site)


Room Attendant

Accor North & Central America

Ottawa, ON (on site)



Bayshore HealthCare

Kingston, ON (on site)


Jobs For Immigrants

Canada offers several job opportunities for immigrants these jobs do not require experts, a basic knowledge of the role is significant to qualify for any job in Canada. Immigrants can successfully secure a well-paid job in Canada and live comfortably. There are certain jobs for immigrants that are in high demand in Canada. Here are some available jobs for immigrants in Canada.


Baker (LMIA available)

Prosper Immigration Inc.

Vancouver, BC


Truck Driver

Garrys moving & const LTD

Calgary, AB


Registered Nurse

The Care Group

Qualicum Beach, BC


Head Chef / Kitchen Manager

Tintin restaurant

Nanaimo, BC

Cook Position (LMIA & PNP)

Prosper Immigration Inc

Toronto, ON


Maintenance Technician

GFR Ingredients

Barrhead, AB


Client Service Leader (water service)

CDM Smith

Vancouver, BC


Lead Success Factor Payroll Consultant

Arthur Lawrence

Quebec, Canada


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Get A Housekeeping Job In Canada?


Yes! You can get a housekeeping job in Canada if you adhere to the necessary procedures for securing a housekeeping job. There are a lot of housekeeping jobs in Canada with good compensation and conducive working environments.


Are There Jobs In Canada For Foreigners?


Yes! The Canadian government, companies, and agencies have provided jobs in Canada for foreigners. Individuals seeking jobs in Canada can get a job with good benefits and compensation to live in Canada.


What Is The Most Common Job For Immigrants In Canada?


The most common jobs for immigrants in Canada are in the health sector, industries, and technology sector. Over the years the decrease in population due to the pandemic has caused the lack of workers to undertake certain job activities in the health sectors. And the expansion of industries in Canada has increased the need for workers.


What Career Has The Most Jobs In Canada?


The health sector and the construction industry have the most jobs in Canada for foreigners. Although, there are other jobs available for foreigners in Canada, the most common jobs with good benefits are in the health and industry sectors.


Conclusion: The tremendous increase in the industry has made housekeepers wanted in Canada. Companies and industries now request for the need of housekeeping services, residential homes are also in need of housekeeping services in Canada. Housekeeping is a high-demand job in Canada that doesn’t require many skills, the ability to clean and adhere to instructions is the basics of housekeeping jobs. Individuals seeking housekeeping jobs in Canada should take advantage of this opportunity and secure a housekeeping job in one of the top industries in Canada. Prospective applicant should prepare their CV and apply for the above-listed jobs.

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