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Canada often seeks workers from other foreign countries because of the nature of their economy and this has created a lot of employment opportunities for foreigners. There are 15,000 factory job openings in Canada with visa sponsorship. Most factory jobs do not require advanced knowledge. Factory jobs are unskilled jobs that do not require an educational background or experience, individuals should demonstrate the willingness to work and learn on the job. This is a great opportunity for foreign job seekers.


What Is Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship is the support given to a person who strives to relocate to a foreign country. The support is mostly given to workers by their employers. Employers in Canada acquire LMIA to be able to hire foreign workers, they support these foreign workers by offering free visa sponsorship to assist them in getting their work visa.


Factory Workers Wanted In Canada

The growth of the economy has made factory workers wanted in Canada, Canada has a very large land mass and a great number of people in it, but has a high percentage of aged people, and the age rate has caused a drift for foreign workers. There are many factories in Canada with inadequate workers to uphold the daily activities, which has resulted in the quest for foreigners to handle the various job tasks. Canada is a well-structured country, with good health care and, a good transport system which has made it a place for settlement. Foreign job seekers should make use of this visa sponsorship opportunity and apply for the available jobs in Canada.


Why Choose a Factory Job In Canada

Before relocating to a foreign country you have to consider the benefits that will be available for that particular employment. Canada has a lot of job opportunities for factory workers and the great salary is one factor that entices most foreign workers, but there are also other benefits of working in Canada which are listed below.


  1. Flexible Work Hours: Working as a factory worker can give you access to flexible job hours. Most factories in Canada often hire capable hands to undertake the various job tasks which enable employees to have more time to themselves self, you can also determine the number of hours you prefer working which is quite flexible. Although people who work for long hours tend to earn more income but this is an individual preference.


  1. Competitive Salary: People in Canada earn hourly, which is very great and you can get above a minimum wage or the exact minimum wage hourly. The salary for factory workers is very good, and factory workers are appreciated for the number of job tasks they undergo daily.


  1. Job Security: Apart from working in a reserved environment, jobs in Canada are very stable and the provision of visa sponsorship gives individuals the intention of stability and security.


  1. High Demand: Factory workers are often in high demand in Canada this is a result of the growing economy in Canada.


  1. Career Advancement: Industries and companies require factory workers to handle daily job tasks and assist in carrying out sales, they also create opportunities for career growth in different sectors.


What Skills Are Required In Factory Jobs

  1. Time Management: Time management is very important in every work both in factory jobs, you need to be extremely conscious of your time. Individuals are usually assigned to different tasks daily in a factory and the ability to complete that task at the expected time is necessary for a factory worker.


  1. Organization Skill: The workspace needs to be organized at all times, this is a very important skill that is required from a factory worker. Factory workers should learn how to keep their working environment clean and tidy, to enable easy workflow and easy identification of items.


  1. Effective Communication: Effective communication is important, it enhances the job task and helps workers to communicate easily with customers and their employer. A good communication skill is required in a factory job.


  1. Detai-Oriented: Factory workers need to be detail-oriented, the ability to comprehend and carry out job tasks effectively on strict instructions is important.


  1. Physically Fit: Most factory jobs require lifting, standing, walking, and bending. Factory workers should be able to carry out their activities effectively if they are physically fit and can handle various tasks with or without assistance.


  1. Inventory Control: This is the keeping record of products and restocking products. As a factory worker, you should be able to handle such tasks, and can accurately maintain records, and take stock of finished items in the factory.


  1. Technical Skills: Most factory uses devices and equipment to carry out their daily activities, so being able to work with different equipment effectively is important.


Factory Jobs Opening In Canada

There are over 15,000 factory job openings in Canada with visa sponsorship. Why not jump on this opportunity and start your career in Canada as a factory worker? Here are some available factory jobs in Canada.


Company: Trouw Nutrition

Job Title: Machine Operator

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Landmark


Job Description

Trouw Nutrition requires a machine operator, we need someone who can effectively work with the different machines in our factory, the individual should be able to operate machines effectively and have excellent skills in certain equipment.



  • Ensure production is running.
  • Complete all tasks assigned to you.
  • Complete required paperwork
  • Ensure accurate documentation of food safety.
  • Obey safety procedures and measures.
  • Adhere to the manufacturing practices.
  • Load trucks with products.
  • Offload trucks at regular intervals.
  • Accurately organize products for shipment.
  • Ensure quality maintenance of work equipment.
  • Be productive at intervals.
  • Be able to keep track of shipments.
  • Ensure smooth delivery and packaging of products.



  • Experience working in a factory.
  • Have the ability to work at any work shifts.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Willingness to perform daily tasks.
  • Have the capacity to multitask and work with a team.
  • Have experience in operating machines.
  • Must be able to carry heavy loads.
  • Capacity to work independently without supervision.



  • Annual packages.
  • Health Benefits.
  • Pension plan available.


Prospective candidates looking forward to working with us should apply through the official website https://www.shv.nl/jobs/



Company: Richardson International

Job Title: Production Worker

Job Type: Full time

Location: Barrhead, AB


Job Description

Our company is a well-known company in agriculture and food processing with branches in Canada, the UK, and the US. We are looking for a production worker in our factory to assist in the daily activities of the factory, the production worker will be responsible for production, packaging of products, seal products and shipped out.



  • Operate different types of machines such as forklifts.
  • Manage packaging system.
  • Carry out minor repairs on equipment.
  • Ensure the working environment is clean at all times.
  • Ensure to document all products.
  • Carry out safety measures on production.
  • Take a record of finished products.
  • Carry out other duties when needed.
  • Perform quality production.



  • Have good computer knowledge.
  • Have good knowledge of machines.
  • Physically fit to carry out certain work tasks.
  • Have the capacity to lift heavy loads.
  • Have the capacity to work independently without supervision.
  • Have the ability to work as part of a team.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Capacity to work effectively and timely.
  • Minimum of high school diploma.
  • Must have previous experience working in a factory.



  • Competitive salary.
  • Pension packages.
  • Flexible work benefits.
  • Opportunities for career development.
  • Training programs.


Interested candidates should apply online by clicking the apply icon.


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Company: Canfor

Job Title: Production worker

Job Type: Full time

Location: Acheson, AB


Job Description

Our company is seeking a production worker in our factory to assist in carrying out daily production. The Production worker should have the ability to work with different machines, work with team members, work efficiently and safely, and be able to quickly advance on the job role. The production worker will have the opportunity to work along with the best innovation leader in the manufacturing industry.



  • Operate machines such as forklifts, saws, chippers, etc.
  • Review work to ensure accuracy.
  • Have the capacity to carry out tasks effectively.
  • Have the capacity to work with team members.
  • Have the capacity to take safety precautions while working.
  • Adhere to assigned schedules.
  • Alternate through various work tasks and responsibilities.
  • Apply adequate knowledge and skills in working.
  • Assisting in operating machines.
  • Have the capacity to perform other job tasks.
  • Have the capacity to carry out repetitive manual tasks.
  • Have the capacity to work for extended periods.
  • Have the capacity to work in an efficient and safe environment.
  • Attention to detail and effective organization skills.



  • Organizational skills and time management skills.
  • Have the capacity to collaborate with co-workers.
  • Have the ability to learn and adapt to new job tasks.
  • Experience in operating machines.
  • Have the capacity to carry out strenuous tasks which may include bending, walking, standing for hours, and lifting heavy items of up to 50bl.



  • Competitive compensation.
  • Disability insurance.
  • Pension packages.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Other package benefits.
  • Paid vacation.


We encourage applications from individuals who may not have the required background for the available position to apply for this position. Submit your resume and cover letter to the application link provided by clicking the apply now icon.


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How To Apply For Factory Jobs In Canada

There are lots of jobs in Canada for factory workers, individuals who are seeking factory jobs in Canada should explore different job websites to secure a job in Canada.


  1. Explore Job Opportunities: There are 15,000 factory job openings in Canada with visa sponsorship. Explore job websites and boards to get available jobs with free visa sponsorship.


  1. Review Job Criteria: All jobs have their different criteria, review all criteria thoroughly and check your eligibility status before moving to the application stage. However, some jobs may encourage individuals without the required qualifications and experience to apply.


  1. Prepare Your Resume: Draft your resume to align with the job specifications. Don’t use a particular pattern of CV to apply for different jobs, this is the major reason why it’s preferable for applicants to accurately review the requirements and responsibilities needed before drafting their resume. Apart from your resume, other documents may be required such as a cover letter, license, certificate, etc.


  1. Start Application: Start your application by drafting a compelling cover letter and providing your accurate personal information. You may need to submit a copy of your documents in PDF format with your application.


  1. Await Further Instructions: Stay tuned for more information from the company, you may need to refresh your email to avoid omitting important emails from the company.


  1. Prepare For Interview: Candidates who meet the requirements are usually invited for an interview, the interview may be in sections depending on the format of the company’s recruitment. Ensure to get valid information about the company before the interview and be ready to elaborate on your expertise and experience.


Jobs For Foreigners

Canada has many opportunities for foreigners and most of these jobs provide visa sponsorship for foreigners. Presently there are over 15,000 factory job openings in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship. Imagine working in Canada with the help of a visa sponsorship that is like a dream come true for foreign job seekers. Here are some available jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship.


Factory worker


Tiverton, ON


Food Production Worker

Career Beacon

St John Metropolitan


Bakery Clerk

Save On Foods

Winnipeg, MB


Food Service

Alberta Health Services

Manning, AB


Production Worker


Moncton, NB


Garden Center

Kent Building Supplies

Sydney, NS



Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find A Job Offer With Visa Sponsorship?

There are various jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. Canadian employers now seek the services of foreign workers and obtain labor market impact assessment document from the government (LMIA) to be able to hire foreign workers.


Are There Jobs In Canada For Immigrants?

Yes! Canada provides jobs for immigrants every year. Individuals can secure a job in Canada before immigrating to Canada this makes it much easier than moving to Canada before searching for jobs. Presently there are over 10,000 jobs available for foreign workers in different specializations.


DoCanada Provide Jobs For Foreign Workers?

Yes! Canada provides jobs for foreign workers who desire to work and live in Canada. Foreign workers who have gained employment in Canada can apply for a temporary work permit to work and live in Canada.


Conclusion: Factory workers can enjoy the benefits of working in Canada. There are various factory job openings in Canada with visa sponsorship, individuals seeking jobs in Canada should visit job websites and apply for the available factory job openings in Canada. You can get a work permit to work and live in Canada if you can secure a job in Canada. Factory jobs have so many benefits which include competitive salaries, job security, career development, and the ability to network with different people.

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