Drivers Wanted in Canada: Truck Drivers & Taxi Driver Jobs Available in Canada – Apply Here

Are you a skilled and licensed driver with quality experience searching for job opportunities in Canada? The increase in industries has made drivers wanted in Canada. Companies and industries depend on skilled drivers to oversee the delivery of products. Industries value the presence of skilled drivers, to help with their delivery and sales of products. Drivers play a vital role in any industry because they help with the daily transactions of products, the replacement of aged workers has also made drivers wanted in Canada. Truck drivers and taxi drivers jobs are available in Canada, apply now to secure a slot.


Trucks Drivers Wanted

Truck drivers are wanted in Canada for the daily transportation of goods from factories. The expansion of the economy has resulted in the demand for truck drivers, factories and industries in Canada need truck drivers to help with their daily dispatch of goods and products, the need for skilled truck drivers in the industry is very important for the smooth running of transactions between industries and their customers.


Taxi Drivers Wanted

The government of Canada searches for taxi drivers to handle the daily movement of individuals in the country. Most transportation companies in Canada are also in demand of skilled taxi drivers to handle the task of delivering goods and also delivering customers safely and timely to their destination. There are a lot of transportation services in Canada that provide transportation services to people, Individuals with relevant driving licenses and excellent driving skills can take the opportunity to apply for the available job openings.


Truck Drivers Jobs In Canada

Do you know that truck drivers jobs in Canada is a very stable job? It is time-flexible and can create opportunities for career advancement. Working with a company or industry with top-notch service can create expansion opportunities, most of the companies and industries in Canada provide special benefits for truck drivers. Individuals who are skilled in offering exceptional driving services can take this opportunity seriously and start their career with one of these industries in demand of truck drivers.


Taxi Drivers Jobs In Canada

Taxi drivers are wanted in Canada by transportation companies, airport services, and other government agencies to handle the daily tasks of delivering customers, employers, and employees to their destinations. This job is extremely flexible and does not require much effort from the drivers, experienced taxi drivers with relevant driving licenses can apply for these employment opportunities in Canada. This job is very flexible and has good compensation and other benefits from both the company and customers. Why not take the bold step to achieve a fulfilling career as a taxi driver in Canada! This can be your opportunity to network with important personnel.


Benefits Of Driving Jobs In Canada

There are a lot of benefits of driving jobs in Canada. Working as a driver in Canada can be beneficial and also a wonderful career path. Here are some of the benefits of driving jobs.


  1. Flexible Schedule: Driving jobs have flexible work hours, and individuals have the opportunity to schedule their time of work. Drivers can have the opportunity to do their respective personal activities at any time they choose. The ability to manage your time and schedule your work is very important in a job.


  1. Networking: Working as a driver in Canada can create opportunities to network with different kinds of people. It builds business relationships with customers or passengers and can help you get a lot of recommendations from top organizations and companies.


  1. Good Salary: Drivers in Canada receive excellent compensation for their services. They also get benefits from the company and customers, with good salaries individuals can handle their bills and live comfortably.


  1. Job Security: Providing excellent driving services can help you gain stable employment with any company you are working with. Drivers are important in any industry or company they work in and companies value the services they offer.


  1. Career Advancement: Most companies create possibilities for career advancement. Companies carry out training programs for drivers to help increase their growth and development.


  1. Travel Opportunities: Drivers have the opportunity to move to different locations due to the nature of their driver. Working as a driver can enable you to visit different cities and towns through transportation of passengers, cars, and goods.


Job Openings

There are a lot of truck drivers and taxi drivers jobs available in Canada. The expansion of the economy has made drivers wanted in Canada, it can also be beneficial to individuals due to the flexibility of the job and the high compensation package. Here are some open job opportunities for drivers in Canada.


Company: Enterprise Mobility

Job Title: Driver

Job Type: Permanent

Job Schedule: Part-time

Job Location: Halifax, NS


Job Description

Enterprise Mobility is seeking skilled and dedicated individuals to join our team. At Enterprise Mobility our services include car rental and automotive services, the drivers are in charge of delivering cars, parking cars, delivering customers, workers, and vendors safely to their destinations, and also providing excellent customer services.



  • Deliver vehicles to their rental destination safely.
  • Picking up vehicles from the rental destination.
  • Delivering customers or passengers to their destination safely.
  • Prepare vehicle paperwork and check for expiry dates at intervals.
  • Escort other drivers to pick up vehicles from specific locations.
  • Assist customers in getting rented vehicles.
  • Assist in cleaning cars after shift.
  • Assist in loading and offloading customers’ goods.
  • Schedule other travel routes and ensure vehicle documents are accurate.
  • Might be involved in other related job duties.



  • Must have a valid driving license.
  • Must be up to the required age of driving.
  • Must be able to lift heavy items of 30bl.
  • Must have exceptional driving skills.
  • Must be conscious of safety rules and regulations.
  • Must observe traffic regulations while driving.
  • Must not have any alcohol or drug-related history.


Qualified candidates with excellent driving skills and authorized drivers should submit CV and relevant certificates to the application below.


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Company: Loblaw Companies Limited

Job Title: Truck Driver

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Halifax, NS


Job Description

At Loblaw Companies Limited we help Canadians with their career and dream jobs our services include the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and other services. We are in demand of skilled truck drivers to join our team and assist in the transportation of products.



  • Driver will be in charge of the vehicles.
  • Transport products for shipment from the distribution post to the customers.
  • Check trucks and record any faults.
  • Report any safety issues and mechanical problems.
  • Clean trucks at intervals.
  • Refuel trucks for daily use.
  • Obey traffic rules and regulations.
  • Report any road incidents and observe any accident procedures.
  • Take a record of the daily activities.



  • Must have safety shoes.
  • Must have relevant driving experience of over two years.
  • Must be able to work up to 4 schedule shifts weekly.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must have a clean criminal record.
  • Must be able to work at any schedule of the day.
  • Must provide good customer service.
  • Must observe safety precautions when driving.
  • May be subjected to other related jobs.


Additional Package

  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Other benefit packages.
  • Access to a grocery discount card.
  • Access to a pension plan and employee shares program.
  • Access to special packages and discounts.
  • Provision of clothing and booth stipend.


Qualified individuals should submit their updated CVand personal information to the site below. Note only authorizedcandidates will be reached for an interview.


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Company:Maple Leaf Transit

Job Title: Taxi Driver

Job Type: Permanent

Job Schedule: Full-time

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Salary: $15 per hour


Job Description

Maple Leaf Transit is in demand of certified and skilled taxi drivers to join our team and help in the delivery of passengers to their destinations safely.


Job Role

  • Pick up passengers and transport them to their designated destination.
  • Observe safety precautions.
  • Clean vehicles when required.
  • Check vehicles to detect minor issues.
  • Assist passengers in carrying their luggage.
  • Carry vehiclefor servicing.
  • Provide delivery services at regular intervals.
  • Keep a trail of all records and transactions.
  • Collect fares from passengers.
  • Carry on minor repairs on vehiclewhen needed.



  • Certificate of membership as a driver.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be able to work at flexible work hours.
  • Must work 30 – 40 hoursa week.
  • A high school or diploma certificate.
  • Have relevant driving experience.



  • Good compensation packages.
  • Other additional benefits.
  • A full health care plan.


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How To Apply For Driving Jobs In Canada

The expansion of the economy has made drivers wanted in Canada, working as drivers in Canadanot only gives you job security but also allows you to network with different important people in the province. Here is how to secure a driving job in Canada.


  1. Explore Job Opportunities: There are a lot of job opportunities in Canada and driving jobs are one of them. Explore different job websites to search for available driving jobs.


  1. Prepare Your Documents: There are certain documents required to complete the job application, individuals seeking for driving job will need to get their driving license ready for the applicationt, other documents such as a CV and cover letter may be required to complete the application.


  1. Start Application: After reviewing the job and the various requirements needed for the job you can then start your application, you may need to create an account to be able to apply for certain jobs with some companies.


  1. Await Further Instructions: Successful candidates who meet the requirements are usually invited for an interview with the company. Ensure to stay alert to avoid missing important emails.


  1. Interview: The interview stage is very important, this will determine if you are qualified for the job role, be prepared to do exploit at this stage, and get information about the company for possible questions.


Jobs For Immigrants

Canada offers several jobs for immigrants, including taxi drivers and truck drivers. Here are some jobs for immigrants in Canada.


Taxi Driver

Creston Cab Company Inc.

Creston, BC


Taxi Driver

Viawest Car Rental Ltd.

Calgary, AB


Truck Driver


Coquitlam, BC


Truck Driver

Trouw Nutrition

St. Mary, ON


Cleaner Housekeeper

YMCA of Greater Toronto

Toronto, ON


Cold Caller Needed

RAI Edge



Customer Service Representative


Richmond, BC


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Get A Driving Job In Canada?

Yes! Individuals pursuing a driving job in Canada can get a driving job if they are qualified. Companies and industries require the services of drivers with experience and are inquisitive in delivering excellent services to the company.


Is IELTS Required For Driver Jobs in Canada?

Driver jobs do not require IELTS but applying for a permanent resident and express entry in Canada requires IELTS. The IELTS is required in most visa applicationsin Canada, and mostjobs in Canada require excellent writting and verbal communication skills. This is why English language proficiency may be listed as one of the requirements in driving jobs. Apart from driving jobs other jobs in Canada also require excellent communication skills from their employees.


Can I Immigrate To Canada As a Driver?

Yes! There are a lot of jobs in Canada for foreign workers, drivers are valued in Canada because of the swift services they offer. There are different taxi drivers and truck drivers jobs available for foreigners in Canada in 2024. Prospective applicants should visit companies’ websites to search for jobs.


What Career Have The Most Jobs In Canada?

There are a lot of jobs in different sectors in Canada but the career with the most jobs is the health sector.This sector was affected due to the pandemic, and they haven’t fully recovered from the loss of staffs, apart from the pandemic thereare many health sectors in Canada and these health sectors require health workers to handle the daily tasks and provide great services to people.




Conclusion: The expansion of the economy has made drivers wanted in Canada, this is an opportunity for foreign workers to work in Canada, and some of these jobs may offer free visa sponsorship to foreigners. Canada has the most open job opportunities for foreigners, individuals pursuing a career in driving can take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the available jobs in Canada in 2024, this might just be the breakthrough you have been looking for in your career.

















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