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Viking Cruises Highlights Exploring Asia on the River

Exploring Asia by River: Viking Cruises Highlights

Join Viking Cruises on an enchanting journey through mystical Asian waterways. As you sail down Mekong, Irrawaddy and Yangtze rivers, uncover ancient treasures and try exotic dishes immersing yourself in a rich cultural tapestry. The mastery of this experience by Viking Cruises is so profound that they offer river cruises that are unrivaled where luxury meets authenticity to produce memories that will not easily fade away.

Heart of Captivating Continent: The calmness of Mekong river to the grandeur of Yangtze is what it takes for Viking Cruises to invite you into the interiors of this intriguing continent. Explore vibrant Southeast Asian culture; take a trip through mystical Myanmar on Irrawaddy or travel through awe-inspiring landscapes of China. Each one guarantees an experience that helps one to become them thereby altering their perspective forever.

Take A Voyage With Viking Cruises: Experience an incredible trip with Viking Cruises – Asia’s leading provider of five-star river cruises. Being aboard one of their floating hotels, guests are enveloped in unmatched sophistication and comfort. Asia Rivers’ Unmatched Luxury Right from your arrival there is exceptional service and attention to detail separating Viking Cruises from other companies. Their sleek all-inclusive vessels have large cabins, fine dining options plus numerous amenities ensuring you never have any wants. Lounge at the onboard spa, sit on the sun deck watching lovely sceneries pass by as you cruise along these attractive rivers within Asia. Whether it is a trip downstream either exploring Mekong or mighty Yangtze or even Irrawaddy, Vikings Cruise promises unforgettable moments.



Every moment with Viking Cruises reflects their desire for an enriching experience beyond just providing entertainment.

Discover the Mekong – A Tapestry of Southeast Asian Culture Take a captivating journey along the famous Mekong River and discover the divergent cultures that make up SE Asia. This is what Viking Cruises offers to their customers; an opportunity to live like locals and embrace vibrant customs practiced by these people who live along this river. Drifting silently over the tranquil Mekong waters will transport you into timeless rites and ancient knowledge handed down through generations. Be it intricate temples or bubbling riverside markets filled with handmade souvenirs and traditional cuisine, every single second will be pleasurable. Uncover the rich history and enduring legacies of the Mekong Delta, where the past and present coexist in a harmonious tapestry. Discussing customs, beliefs and how much they depend on Mekong River for daily life in this region with friendly inhabitants who reside there shows a lot about them. Viking Cruises’ Mekong journey is always worth a lifetime memory whether it’s about showcasing magnificent natural landscapes, unraveling captivating history of the area or simply enjoying everyday life. With its beauty, resilience and cultural treasures, Southeast Asia can easily captivate anyone. Mekong River – A Journey from Life to Death. Mekong River Cruise Highlights Duration Ancient temples and pagodas 2-3 hours Traditional floating markets 1-2 hours Local artisans and craftsmen 1-2 hours Daily lives of riverside communities 2-3 hours Authentic regional cuisine 1-2 hours

The Myths of Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River Disclosed. Embark on a voyage through the heartland of Myanmar with Viking Cruises. The Irrawaddy River has long been a dynamic waterway that has fascinated explorers for centuries. This river cruise travel will take us from ancient ruins in Bagan to Mandalay’s teeming city streets, revealing its rich cultural heritage that will never leave your memory.

From Bagan to Mandalay: A Journey through Time.

While your Viking Cruises ship cruises the Irrawaddy River, you wander away into another world. Start at Bagan where more than two thousand Buddhist temples, pagodas and stupas under UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located. While these eternal ruins offer amazing sights as well as carry an immense history which one can feel weighing heavily on their shoulders. On reaching Mandalay disembark into this magical city full of culture and religion. Visit the Mahamuni Buddha Temple which is famous for having gold leaf applied to it for centuries now. In Kuthodaw Pagoda there are 729 marble slabs containing the largest inscription in human history.



Exploring Asia by River: Viking Cruises Highlights


Each slab contains inscriptions making Kuthodaw Pagoda home to the world’s biggest book ever created.

Copy As you journey along timeless landscape of Irrawaddy River, the history and present of Myanmar will completely captivate you. Viking Cruises will help you explore this land which is a mixture of ancient secrets revealed through modern influences for an experience that cannot be forgotten. The Majestic Yangtze: Cruising through China’s Heartland Viking Cruises’ itinerary around China includes a trip on the legendary Yangtze River. The “mother river” or Yangtze River offers an insight into China’s varied cultures, beautiful landscapes as well as historical events. Exploring Three Gorges among Others. Your boat passes one gorge after another until it reaches this breathtaking view; towering cliffs plunge into clear water. This region has had to adapt dramatically since it stopped being a backwater tourist attraction in favor of a thriving metropolis developed beside a dam on the biggest river by flow. In such scenery, find out how ancient traditions continue to prosper today in this dynamic Yangtze landscape. Besides Three Gorges, there are other attractions along Yangtze River. Shanghai is always bustling with old meets new fashion thereby creating emerging cosmopolitan centre with cultural activities taking place every now and then. Chongqing is one of China’s oldest cities located at the heart and acts as its main gateway to the western part of the country. Cruising the Yangtze, you will come across old-fashioned villages, idyllic river towns, and historic sites that remind us how committed Chinese are to their traditions. This journey by Viking Cruises therefore makes unforgetable travel trips as can be seen below about the depths and veins run within this country’s soul.



Curated Journeys through Asia by Viking Cruises: To take some brave travelers who want to go on a unique Asian adventure far beyond Central Asia into these regions’ culture-rich tapestry , Viking Cruises has gone another mile by putting together a detailed itinerary. Mekong whispers peace to those seeking it; magnificence of Yangtze River attracts them while there is something about Irrawaddy that they cannot resist from finding out. Such expeditions as designed by Viking’s experts make every single minute an immersion experience unlike any other.  The Far East collection of Viking Cruises consists of various itineraries featuring the highlights of each waterway ranging from Bagan temples in Myanmar to Ho Chi Minh City markets in Vietnam, from quiet Vietnamese countryside scenes to hustling current Chinese urban landscapes; thus letting nothing slide as Asian culture constantly changes.”

The cornerstone behind every Viking Cruise tour in Asia pivots around one element-authenticity. Some artisans, community leaders and ambassadors willingly share stories and cultures with guests who want an authentic flavor while aboard these cruises. By so doing every visit at these places becomes meaningful and unforgettable. An Asian cruise with Viking is luxury rediscovered again. Everything has been designed including fine accommodation in the cabins and tailored shore excursions, all meant for you to feel your senses differently. When it comes to time off or even exploration like no other ever seen before then nobody can come close to Viking Cruises’ itinerary in Asia. Asia will never be seen in the same way after Viking Cruises; they have spoiled us for anything less than a soul enriching experience where every aspect is weighed against authenticity.” – Samantha L., Frequent Viking Cruises TravelerTherefore, such travellers may decide to use Viking Cruises to explore the most captivating waterways on the continent. Therefore, be prepared for an everlasting mental transformation since it will spellbind you with its timelessness and vivacious societies.

Cultural Immersion on Viking River Cruises: Tourists who travel through Asia with Viking River Cruises realize that it is not just sightseeing but rather living within local traditions and culture that look like threads interwoven across the Asian continent. Thus everything here is aimed at making one understand even deeper and appreciate more of each region visited: from guided tours around ancient temples to active cooking classes conducted there among others.

Authenticity and Enhancement Turns: No other cruise line combines Viking Cruises’ devotion to cultural engagement. Publicly talking to village elders or participating in such hands-on activities as the making of traditional crafts, eating delicious food which is typical for this region, will not only make you closer to it but also open your eyes to a new world. Learn how to make ancient trades, eat the best food from each country’s cuisine, feel that land. Mystical temples of Bagan in Myanmar (Burma), designated a UNESCO World Heritage site are among the places to visit on earth. Take some lessons in cooking and understand how various ethnic foods are made! Come out to noisy markets where sellers and artisans are still fascinated with their work. Get comments from people who know a lot about history, culture or tradition of places that you have seen. These experiences offered by Viking cruises in Asia do not just show one something but place him/her inside its picture. All at sea operate workshops meant for establishing empathy between participant and his/her context – central idea. Viking Cruises is such an experience that opens up mysterious cultures of Asia while passing through age-old bazaars, private tea ceremonies or watching stunning religious rites performed within Buddhist monasteries for example.

Culinary Delights along Asian Rivers: Discover Asian scents with Viking Cruises; an unforgettable gastronomic trip. Moreover, tasting authentic local dishes sourced from sustainable products available within those countries visited; thereby enjoying personalized services provided by experienced chefs featuring lively culinary scenes associated with these nations. You will literally taste Thailand curry in your mouth when it comes to flavors arising through all Thai red curries containing ingredients such as shrimp paste, coconut milk among others, Chinese hand pulled noodles; while they may seem thinner compared to their Italian counter parts they do possess similar texture and flavor profiles like instant ramen noodles and Vietnamese fresh seafood carrying out most dishes prepared here has some level of tartness. This is because Viking Cruises boasts of being the world’s best in terms of food provision during its river cruises, which is beyond any other standard there might be. As a consequence, these chefs go around town to buy high-quality ingredients that allow their clients to have local food experience but still enjoy international flavors all under one plate.

Delightful authentic cuisine featuring fresh products Demonstrations of cooking and kitchen work with professionals Multiple options are available for dining; starting from easygoing outdoor places up to complicated settings Explore vivid local markets and learn about Asian cooking ingredients If you travel along Asia’s serene rivers, you will understand that each stop has a lot to offer in terms of food culture. From street vendors up to family-owned restaurants, diverse cuisines will always leave an indelible impression on your tongue. Be enthralled by the tastes of Asia as you join this gastronomic tour offered by Viking Cruises. Learn more about different types of regional menu and create unforgettable memories.


In this regard, Viking has established a new standard for luxury river cruises. State-of-the-art ships that provide unparalleled service and attention to detail from the moment you step on board them are what you should expect here. In all areas of onboard experience, Viking has ruled out mediocrity.


Their modern narrow ships are designed with the discerning traveler in mind. Large staterooms furnished with top-notch items offer a haven of comfort and relaxation. Hence, your journey can be as luxurious as it is enlightening because here, you will find high-quality linens, comfortable bedding well finished with plenty of cupboard spaces. However, there lies within extraordinary services the true core of the Viking difference .The personal attentiveness by staff who can read your minds provides a standard of hospitality which is simply unrivaled. By helping to plan shore excursions or even offering personalized wine pairing among many other things; they ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience while cruising. In navigating tranquil waterways throughout Asia Pacific, this is where “Viking Difference” envelops – matrimony between opulence, good service and facilities pushing limits in river cruising. Experience ultimate hospitality offered by Viking Cruises like never before.



As one of the forerunners in responsible tourism initiatives, Viking Cruises supports the natural wonders and cultural tapestry of Asia’s waterways. By adhering to sustainable practices consistently, future travelers will be able to explore the region’s captivating landscapes and become fully entrenched in the authentic heritage. Viking’s sustainability policy covers a wide range of aspects such as energy efficient ship operations and community-based initiatives. To this end, they are currently implementing measures aimed at more responsible travelling, including minimizing ecological footprints while building strong relationships with local communities so that these trips can be meaningful. Travel with Viking Cruises where adventure thrill is matched by a commitment to protecting Asia’s natural and cultural treasures. Experience sustainable tourism at its best, offering unlimited possibilities for self-development in those regions which you visited.



Why should I choose Viking Cruises for my Asia river cruise adventure?

Viking Cruises has emerged as a leader in luxury river cruising across Asia. Through their cutting-edge ships; all-inclusive amenities and superb services, this would be one of your greatest memories ever while touring different cultures as well as stunning landscapes within this great continent.

What makes Mekong River cruise so special?

For instance, you can get on board a mighty Mekong River Cruise trip to experience what Southeast Asian culture really is about; watch locals performing their daily tasks or visit ancient temples including busy markets along this exciting waterway offered by Viking Cruises.

All in all, will I actually get to experience Viking Cruises?

No question about it! Viking Cruises is well known for its balanced involvement in cultural undertakings that are often enhanced by a variety of activities that bring you closer to the local people and their traditions in Asia. starting from the ancient temples tour guides to those interactive cooking classes designed to deepen your mind regarding this region.

What is the food and dining like on a river cruise with Viking Cruises?

When you board Viking cruises, explore different tastes throughout Asia. Try dishes typical of specific areas cooked by professional chefs and connect with the vibrant cuisine culture of these nations. No matter where you go, there is always something to stimulate your taste buds.

How does sustainability travel come into play in what Viking Cruises does?

Viking cruises called responsible tourism leaders have embraced sustainable ways of travelling as well as preserving natural environments and cultural heritage for any destination they visit. From eco-friendly ships to community-based projects, this firm demands nothing but positive impact on destinations visited by them.